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A Father's Place

When you choose to support the mission of A Father’s Place, you are not only helping local fathers and families build a brighter future, you’re helping to build a better community for all of us. Father-absence is directly linked to far too many societal ills, especially those affecting the health and well-being of children. The likelihood of dropping out of school, engaging in criminal behavior, substance abuse, and living in poverty all increase when children grow up without the presence of a supportive father. Our services are offered at no cost to participants. Your contribution directly supports the delivery of our programs and the enhancement of our efforts to deliver vital services that are changing the lives of fathers and families for the better.
To engage and empower fathers in the positive support of their children through goal-oriented programs that enable them to find stable employment, practice healthy parenting, and gain hope for the future of their family.
Provides for transportation support to get fathers to work
Provides for drivers license reinstatement fees
Provides for father/children activities to help strengthen family bonds

1412 Highmarket Street
Georgetown, SC 29440

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