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Avian Conservation Center

The frequency, severity and likelihood of environmental disasters like hurricanes and flooding continues to grow at an alarming rate, threatening the safety of South Carolina residents including the Center’s 152 acre campus, resident collection of 120 birds and all injured birds in treatment. Securing reliable transportation, food, medications, & supplies in the event of a total off-site evacuation are significant challenges which require specific financial resources. Your gift can help us: (1) ensure the safety of all resident and injured birds during the next natural disaster; (2) secure and protect our campus and buildings; and (3) be prepared to provide treatment for the influx of injured birds which often follows these events.
To identify and address vital environmental issues by providing medical care to injured birds of prey and shorebirds, and through educational, research, and conservation initiatives.
safely evacuate and return 1 resident or injured bird in the event of a disaster
provide 1 day’s shelter and medical treatment for a compromised bird
repair and maintain 1 evacuation vehicle to protect these otherwise helpless birds

P. O. Box 1247
Charleston, SC 29402

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