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Martha's House, Inc.

Your donations will go towards the development of a 2nd-phase residential facility where residents will participate in additional programs, such as parenting and finance classes, to develop the life skills they need before transitioning back into society. This 2nd-phase building will enable Martha's House to assist more women simultaneously.
To provide a Christian environment for formerly incarcerated women where life restoration and spiritual healing can begin as the bondages of addiction are broken through the truth of God's Word.
buy 8 eight-foot studs or 3 twelve-foot treated studs
buy 7 1/2" sheets of drywall or 7 4' X 8' sheets of plywood
buy 30 treated 2" X 4" twelve-foot boards or 19 sheets of 5/8" drywall

PO Box 434
Georgetown, SC 29442

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