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SC Coastal Animal Rescue & Educational Sanctuary

SC CARES is the only sanctuary of it's kind in the state! We take in unwanted and abused exotic and farm animals many who have extremely long life spans; in addition to our non-releasable wildlife residents that serve as educational ambassadors. As a true sanctuary these creatures come to us to live their remaining days, some up to 100 years! The cost for food alone for these types of creatures reaches $1500 per month. We're committed to making their lives the best we can in captivity but we need your help to financially to continue our mission!
We are a compassionate no-kill/no-breed sanctuary for abused, neglected and unwanted exotic and farm animals and non-releasable wildlife. Through education, we teach respect for animals, essential animal needs, and ways that humans directly impact the lives of animals and our planet.
feed our wolf/dog hybrids for 30 days
feed our 26 tortoises for a month!
will cover our vet and medical supplements for 1 month

236 Abbeville Dr.
Georgetown, SC 29440

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